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Exclusive access to unique experiences

ATASTAY was established in 2020 to provide the best and most unique hotel selections and create a memorable luxury travel experience. Our purpose is to provide a unique experience for all types of holidays from a family vacation to a romantic holiday.

Most of the hotels have been visited and verified by luxury travel experts. This is to ensure that our selections are trustworthy and are well suited to our goal.

ATASTAY combines the Singlish word "ATAS" [loosely translated as "High Class"] with "STAY", which refers to a selection of high class & unique stay to leave you feeling ATAS.

We have hotel selections in South East Asia, we provide support from our local team in each destination with over 7 languages which are English, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Giving the best travel experience has always been at the heart of the ATASTAY brand and our vision is to create a future where people can explore the world with a lavish and unique experience.

Greetings from our CEO

Hi, I'm Takaya Tomose, the CEO of ATASTAY, a hotel booking website with the concept of "creating the greatest travel memories". ATASTAY was started by a group of travel enthusiasts from TAS Co.,Ltd., a travel company established in 1979.

In my personal life, I often travel with my family and friends, and choosing a destination is always a problem. I do not choose a destination just because I have heard about it or just because it’s popular among the travellers. I will choose a destination where I can have some kind of great and memorable experiences.

After got married, my wife and I kept looking for a romantic getaway where we could make sweet memories together. When we have kids, we started to look for a place where all of us can enjoy the holiday, a place that my children could have activities or interact with the animals, also a place where my wife can relax.

The hotel where I stay is also very important to me. I want the hotel to be a place where I can make the most of my precious time with my family and friends that I may not be able to travel with many times in a year. I consulted with members of my company and colleagues in the travel industry, and chose the hotel that I thought was best of the best.

One of the pleasures of organizing a trip is being able to search for the information, but I also really wanted to be able to find the right hotel without spending a lot of time searching for a destination. That's why we started ATASTAY.

ATASTAY members from around the world and the travel industry have carefully selected hotels in each country to help you discover destinations based on the experiences available in each country, as well as some lesser-known ones.

We wish you the very best in your travels!