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About ATAS Point

1. What is ATAS point?

ATAS point is the free membership program for registered ATASTAY users when you use luxury hotel and resort booking services on the website https://www.atastay.com.
Whenever a user completes a hotel and resort stay on ATASTAY, ATAS Point is credited to the user’s ATASTAY account.
ATAS Points will be redeemed for cash, deducted directly from future bookings.

2. Earn points, climb tiers, get more benefits

There are 4 membership tiers that are tied to your ATASTAY account:

  1. Member: 0 ATAS Point
  2. Gold: 2.400 ATAS Point
  3. Platinum: 8.000 ATAS Point
  4. Diamond: 25.000 ATAS Point

When you create a member account on the website https://www.atastay.com, your account will automatically rank as a Member. After every hotel and resort booking, you accumulate ATAS Points. When you accumulate up to a certain point, your position on the member rankings will be "promoted" to Gold, Platinum or Diamond, which will receive benefits. The special offer is exclusive to members of that tier.


The membership ranks higher because you will accumulate more ATAS Points after each transaction. This is also how ATASTAY thanks and cherishes loyal customers.

As you earn ATAS Point from your spending, you will reach a higher membership tier. The tiers are as follows:ATAS Point earned for 1 SGD spent on ATASTAY

3. How to use ATAS Point?

    Step 1: Sign in to your account on the website https://www.atastay.com/login

    Step 2: Hotel and Resort reservation. At the payment step, activate ATAS Point currently in your account. ATAS Points will be converted to money and discounted directly into the reservation payment transaction.

Every 100 ataspoints allow you to offset 1 SGD off your next atastay booking.

100 ATAS Points = 1 SGD


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If you do not have an account, you can create a member account right here: https://www.atastay.com/en/signup