Fang Fang

Travel Specialist, Japan


I've worked in the travel industry for over a decade. Born & Raised in Shanghai China, I moved to Tokyo in 2010 and immediately fell in love with Japan. I have visited 39 different regions in Japan and now proud to assist ATASTAY members to have their dream holidays in Japan. My favourite part about working with ATASTAY is that I get to discover and experience amazing hotels and ryokans in Japan.

Fang Fang's Top Hotel Picks

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Shonai hotel suiden terrasse

This hotel can be a reason enough to visit Tsuruoka.You can spend all day here to relax with the Japanese modern elements everywhere and local organic food. The staff here are very friendly and helpful.

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Palace Hotel Tokyo

With very clean and well done housekeeping,this hotel also offers delicious breakfast and very helpful concierge service.Which most impacted me is the beautiful view of the Imperial Gardens from balcony rooms.

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Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort,Miyazaki

Spacious room with a magnificent view. You can spend a whole week here and activities are very extensive here.There is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy what they want.

Fang Fang's Top Destination Picks

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Aomori Prefecture

There are many kinds of tourism resources in Aomori. You can enjoy the spectacular sakura blossom view at Hirosaki Castle. You can also attend one of the best known summer festivals「Nebuta Festival」here. If you like arts,I highly recommend the Aomori Museum of Art and Towada Art Center. Never miss colors in autumn with fantastic shades of yellow and red leaves at the Oirase Gorge. "Luciola" © Makoto Murakami (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)

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Kanazawa Prefecture

Kanazawa is a vibrant and historically rich city with a number of must-see sights and attractions.Cherry trees are found everywhere in Kanazawa in early April.The cherry blossom is lit up after sunset. Therefore,people can go for cherry blossom viewing at night as well. The autumn leaves in Kenrokuen Garden become most beautiful in mid-November.Chaya District is also highly recommended for all seasons. "Luciola" © Makoto Murakami (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)

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Shiga Prefecture

Shiga is located just east of Kyoto city. It’s famous for being the land of Japan’s largest lake—Lake biwa.You can experience beautiful natural scenery in every season.You can look down over the spring cherry blossoms and fall colorful leaves from the biwako terrace.Also a boat tour of Omihachiman’s hachiman-bori canal is highly recommended.Never miss the wagyu brand OMI beef here.It’s one of best three Japanese beef brands. "Luciola" © Makoto Murakami (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)