Michelle Claudine

Travel Specialist, Indonesia


By having grown up fully in Indonesia, I think I really admire what this country has. Especially in tourism and culture, there are too many things you can explore! Even my working experience in this industry for 6 years is still not enough to explore the beauty of this country. I love planning trips! There's nothing more exciting than planning a vacation that we'll always remember and I can't wait to help you plan your great vacation with ATASTAY.

Michelle Claudine's Top Hotel Picks

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Double-Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak

So far, I'll choose this hotel again when visiting Bali. Located in the bustling area of ​​Seminyak, the beach is also just a few steps from the hotel. The room facilities are also very pampering.

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Pesona Alam Resort & Spa

If I only have 1 night for vacation, I choose to go to the Puncak area in Bogor. Stay at this hotel and do various interesting activities such as outbound. Suitable to go with family.

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Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel

What I love about this hotel is their huge swimming pool area, fantastic buffet breakfast and also spacious modern rooms which can perfectly accommodate 2 adults + 2 children!

Michelle Claudine's Top Destination Picks

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This world only has 1 place like Bali, you won't find the same sensation anywhere else. A beautiful blend of culture, people, nature, activities, weather, culinary, nightlife, and of course amazing accommodations. I promise you will never regret your trip to Bali!

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For me who lives in Jakarta, Bandung always akes me want to go there again and again. What are you looking for while on vacation? urban? natural tourism? culinary? local fashion shopping? cafe hopping? Bandung has it all.

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For those of you who love historical tourism, I think Yogyakarta will be your perfect choice to go. Visit Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the world which has been built since the 9th century. Don't forget to enjoy Gudeg, the city's speciality food. Jogja's cuisine is basically sweet, you'll always remember it!