Get Rewarded and Share Your Rewards | ATASTAY

How referral program works?

1. Invite friends who are new to ATASTAY

Invite people who don't have an ATASTAY account yet to sign up through your referral link. Copy your individual link at “Refer a friend” and send it to your friends via email or your favourite social media platform.

2. Friends sign up and make bookings

When your invited friends register using your link and make a booking, both of you have qualified for the referral programme.

3. Get rewards

After your friends stays, both of you receive SGD 10.00

Common questions

Is there a limit for this referral program?

Refer as many people as you like! We don't have a limit for the number of people you refer.

I invited a friend and my friend made a booking. But I did not received ATAS Point. Why?

There is two cases that you don't received the ATAS Points in your account:
Case 1: Your friend did not make account from your referral link.
Case 2: Your friend has not completed first trip yet. ATAS Points are credited to your account only after your friend complete a stay.

How can I know if any of my friend joined ATASTAY thru this referral program?

Track your referee(s) progress by looking at Your referral history in Refer a friend section.

Privacy notice and consent


Both referrer and referee must have an account with ATASTAY to enjoy the benefits of this Referral Program.


This Referral Program is a part of the service that ATASTAY provides to its customers and both referrer and referee will have agreed to the Privacy Policy, for ATASTAY to use their personal information as a part of this service.


The referee has agreed that in signing up with ATASTAY via this program that their full name will be shared with the referral for progress tracking purpose.