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5 Things You need to know about Okinawa, Japan – The Hawaii Of Japan

Aug 20, 2021·2 min read

Okinawa is also known for being the Hawaii of Japan, Okinawa has an amazing atmosphere at night and you can do as many activities there as you can everywhere else in Japan.

Diving, savouring unique cuisines, star-gazing and even enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Many people would know more about the capital of Japan like Tokyo and maybe a little bit about Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido.

But above all those cities, lies an interesting city that remains a conundrum to most tourists.

So what is Okinawa?

1. Okinawa is an island

Mostly known as the “Hawaii of Japan”. Some of the islands are untouched, simply a slip of untouched white sand by blue seas, while others are with luxury resorts at the edge of pristine dive sites. 

2. Okinawa Contains Japan’s Shortest River

The Shiokawa or ‘Salt River’ of Okinawa’s Motobu Peninsula is the shortest river in Japan at 300 meters in length, and one of just a few saltwater rivers in the world.

The river is short and it is home to variety of ocean plants, creating a unique inland ecosystem.

Surrounded by nature, Shiokawa is a designated National Treasure of Japan and an interesting stop on a tour of Motobu.

3. Okinawan Salt

It is not a surpise that this is due to the clean, mineral-rich waters surrounding the islands.

On Miyagi Island east of Naha in Uruma City, the Nuchi Masu (‘Salt of Life’) salt factory is renowned for its natural sea salt, which is low in sodium and high in essential minerals.

4. Cherry blossom season starts here

Darker colour than usual cherry blossom flowers, the first cherry blossoms bloom their petals mid-January on Okinawa – a few months ahead of Tokyo and Kyoto.

Witness the spectacle at Mount Yae and Nakijin Castle, where, for two weeks each year, the hillside is transformed into a riot of pink blooms.

5. You can still do water sports in winter

When the whole of Japan gets cold, Okinawa can get up to 20 degrees in winter season.

The temperature of the sea is just as warm as it was during warmer season and the visibility in the water is crystal clear.

The bonus? You won’t battle the holiday crowds.


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