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7 Most Beautiful Islands In Thailand You Should Visit On Your Next Vacation In Thailand

Feb 24, 2021·6 min read

7 Most Beautiful Islands In Thailand You Should Visit on Your Next Vacation in Thailand

The Andaman Sea in the west, the Gulf of Thailand in the east. Thailand is home to hundreds of beautiful islands!

With many island paradises on offer, it’s no wonder many tourists goes to Thailand each year.

White sand beaches, clear waters and beautiful island landscapes – you’ll definitely be coming back for more 

Besides the highly popular islands of Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui, there are still some lovely islands you are unaware of.

1. Koh Kut

Touted as one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, Koh Kut has everything you could wish for in an island paradise – soft powdery white beaches, clear waters and tranquillity in the air.

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Kood Island (Koh Kut, Thailand)
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Kood Island (Koh Kut, Thailand)

Arriving in Koh Kut, one could feel an almost imperceptible easing of the pace of life.

With very few tourists, no public transport available and the poor 3G connection would feel like an escape from civilisation – perfect for your relaxing holiday.

Just a short trek into the seemingly impenetrable foliage and you’ll encounter the Khlong Chao Waterfalls – a guaranteed afternoon of fun!

The much smaller and quieter Klong Yai Ki Waterfalls in the North-West of the island is also worth a visit.

2. Similan Islands

Heard of the Similan Islands? Located northwest of Phuket just 90 minutes away by speedboat, calling the group of 11 islands in the Mu Koh Similan National Parks beautiful is an understatement!

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Similan Islands
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Famous for rich marine life, the Similan islands are blessed with clean unpolluted white beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs!

Perfect conditions for snorkelling or scuba diving makes it no wonder that the National Geographic Society rank Similan as one of the top 10 diving spots in the world.

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Underwater Snorkeling
Photo Credit : Shutterstock

Don’t miss out on visiting Koh Huyong for a chance to observe nesting sea turtles, Koh Payan to see tunas and sharks near the reef and Koh Miang to explore underwater tunnels and caves.

3. Koh Wua Talap

Koh Wua Talap with its magnificent limestone cliffs and caves offers a different island experience!

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Wua Talap
Photo Credit: And She Explores

Climb to the island’s panoramic viewpoint 100m above sea level to enjoy splendid views of the surrounding limestone islands located within the Mu Koh Ang Thong National Park!

Although the 500m treks is slightly steep, it takes less than an hour to climb and is well worth it.

Do remember to observe your surroundings as you never know when you might be graced by the presence of cute dusky leaf monkeys!

You can also visit the nearby Lotus Cave to view stalactite & stalagmite formations 😍

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Wua Talap

4. Koh Lipe

Often unknown to tourists is the island gem of Koh Lipe in the Andaman Sea. As Thailand’s southern-most island far from the mainland, it’s still relatively unscathed by tourism. Pearly white beaches, turquoise waters and friendly locals are just some of its allure!

Koh Lipe - | ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking

What does one do on Koh Lipe you ask? Diving and snorkelling is the top activity on the island. There are many diving shops around offering trips to nearby reefs. You can also visit the island’s many beaches! Pattaya Beach, the largest and most popular, offers the usual fanfare of restaurants and stalls while Sunrise Beach with its shallow bay is great for swimming.

To get away from crowds, the quiet and relaxed Sunset Beach is the place to be.

Koh Lipe - | ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Apart from the beach and the sea, Koh Lipe’s interior should also be explored!

Trek around the island and immerse yourself in its lush vegetation and fauna.

Visit the village of the Sea Gypsies or Chao Ley near Sunrise Beach to learn more about them and their way of life.

Amenities such as ATMs and hospitals are also available 

5. Koh Phra Thong

Koh Phra Thong offers the most unique landscape amongst Thailand’s islands.

The island’s beauty lies in the range of scenery available from mangroves to the east of the island to a savannah interior  😍

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Phra Thong Phang Nga Thailand - Phra Thong How to Go

There are no lush jungles or mountainous terrain on the island’s interior. Instead, the largely flat interior with its sand dunes, long grasses and peeling trees has led many to draw comparisons to the Savannahs of Africa!

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Phra Thong Phang Nga Thailand - Phra Thong How to Go

The island’s commitment to ecological preservation has meant minimal development leaving large strips of untouched tan beaches along the coast as well as endless mangroves.

Koh Phra Thong is also a hotbed of biodiversity.

This is also a great place for birdwatching as over 100 species have been spotted in the area including rare glimpses of the endangered stork.

6. Koh Muk

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Muk Island Thailand

Just 13km away from the Thai mainland, Koh Muk is an island with a unique character!

Unlike other islands on this list, Koh Muk is home to a predominantly Muslim community of fishermen.

The main attraction on the island is its Emerald Cave locally known as “Tham Morakot”.

Semi-submerged, the cave is ideal for tourists in longtail boats or kayakers to visit.

7. Koh Kradan

Within close proximity of Koh Muk, Koh Kradan struts a fine balance of laidback relaxation and engaging activities.

The island offers a serene environment for one to unwind with its beautiful scenery and clear waters.

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Kradan Beach / Andaman Sea / Thailand // World Beach Guide

Visit Koh Kradan beach, a 2km long narrow stretch of sand.

Voted by The Guardian readers as the 9th best beach in the world in 2016, the beach should not be missed!

Other beach options include Ao Niang beach or the small Ao Pai beach to the north of the island.

ATASTAY Luxury Hotel Booking | Koh Kradan Beach / Andaman Sea / Thailand // World Beach Guide

Make sure to end each day with a visit to Chonglom Bay.

Commonly referred to as Sunset Beach, the view of the sun dipping over the horizon from the nearby hill is breath-taking!

If you’ve had enough of lazing on the beaches, Koh Kradan has numerous snorkelling sites near shore.

As there is no fishing community on the island, marine life is abundant in the sea surrounding the island.

Tourists also commonly rent kayaks to explore the island’s coastline! It takes just 3 hours to circle the island.

Beautiful islands are abundant in Thailand! Next time you plan on a Thai island getaway, why not give one of the islands on this list a try?

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