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Dar Al Hossoun | Luxury Boutique Hotel & The First And Only Eco-Garden Lodge in Morocco

Jun 25, 2021·4 min read

Welcome to Dar Al Hossoun, the first and only eco-garden lodge and restaurant in Morocco, on the outskirts of Taroudant, South Morocco.

Explore Dar Al Hossoun

Once you enter Dar Al Hossoun, you’ll find yourself in a botanical paradise!

Past the main gate, you’ll discover a series of patios with stunning gardens among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean basin.

They were designed, starting back in 2005, by Eric Ossart and Arnaud Maurières, two internationally renowned garden designers and regularly featured in TV programs and magazines.

Situated in an old olive grove a few minutes away from the 13th-century medina walls, the gardens are filled with exotic plants originating from arid regions around the world.

A breathtaking medley of different flora and eye-catching colours, graphic lines and textures at each season. 

Designed with sleek lines, the Riad’s architectural design offers nice views across the long pool, the citrus orchard, the dry garden, the sunken garden, and numerous terraces, etc.

An exotic oasis, where you’re likely to meet some of their permanent residents: cats, dogs, peacocks, tortoises, turtles, chameleons, birds, frogs.

Their premises are designed to preserve the privacy of all guests.


All rooms and suites are made of natural materials (wood, rammed earth, stones.) by local craftsmen experienced in ancestral techniques: simplicity combined with expert craftsmanship to create truly beautiful and comfortable spaces.

All of their rooms offer splendid views into the gardens or the patios and have a private shower and toilet, reversible air co (hot/cold), fireplace (complimentary wood supply) and flat-screen TV set within international channels. 

Dar al Hossoun is made up of a series of courtyards surrounded by the rooms and suites, in the authentic style of the old riads.

Each garden has its own style and atmosphere, with over 900 varieties of exotic plants originated from virtually every desert and dry region in the world.


It is a safe bet that the cuisine offered at Dar al Hossoun will satisfy all cravings. 

It is a safe bet that the cuisine offered at Dar al Hossoun will satisfy all cravings. 

Inspired by the ocean and the Mediterranean – Agadir is almost 70 kilometres away and the owner, originally from Avignon, France that knows how to cook with sunny flavours – the dishes are prepared with organic products from the orchard and vegetable garden grown in Dar AL Hossoun. 

They do have an amazing menu and also has a few treasures including exclusively vegetarian dishes, such as pastilla or penne with absolutely delicious vegetables.

Whether you’re relaxing on a terrace, by the pool, or enjoy an aperitif or nightcap, their staff will be at your disposal to serve a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, fresh fruit juices, spirits and cocktails.

They carry a nice selection of Moroccan wines, yes there wines that are produced in some parts of Morocco! Be sure to try local wines when you are staying in Dar Al Hossoun.

Highlights of Dar Al Hossoun

Staying in Dar Al Hossoun means to escape from a daily bustling of life. This place provides a great sanity and faculties that allows you to relax and unwind at your own privacy.

Wellness & experiences is how we can describe the stay at Dar Al Hossoun.

All vegetations that are going to be cooked are freshly grown which means most of your food is organic and super fresh.

This will give you an extra nature ambience.

Hammam spa is famous in Morocco and in Dar Al Hossoun, they have 2 Hammams, 2 massage rooms and a beauty treatment salon.

All traditional products and treatments are available here so you can be sure that your wellness is well-taking care of.

Activities & itineraries can be planned out here too.

First of all, if you are a piano lover, they have a piano available for you to use and maybe deliver some sweet sounds in Dar Al Hossoun.

Then, you can also participate in their cooking classes, learn how to make the best traditional Moroccan food or any type of cuisine depending on their schedule.

The medina here would be 15 minutes away by bicycle. Medina is one of Morocco’s greatest treasures.

A Bazar is full of handcrafted Moroccan handbags, sandals, dishes and many more. The best part of it all is that it is affordable and very authentic. The perfect place for souvenirs.

Last but not least, it is not an amazing stay without the excellence of service.

Their services are very friendly and helpful, all of your requirements will be 100% attended for.

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