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Stellar of the Seas, Aclass’s newest yacht, was launched in October 2018. Stellar of the Seas promises to be an exclusive experience with its fresh, modern, and elegant design, which is uncommon in Ha Long Bay. It’s perfect for travelers looking for top-notch service and international standards while taking in the sights of Ha Long Bay. Let’s ATASTAY find out what makes this yacht so unique!

A cruise among the stars

Many tourists prefer cruise tourism in Ha Long Bay because of the unique resort experiences available. Stellar of the Seas offers visitors recreational activities, discoveries with a well-researched schedule, attentive service, a modern décor, and fresh seafood in addition to delivering luxury travel services with the best safety standards. You will enjoy the serenity of the bay, the fresh air, and the beautiful sunrise on the deck, observing each beam of sunshine glinting off the green lake surface as it passes through the limestone islets.

When staying 2 days and 1 night here, you can also do sports, go fishing and squid fishing, enjoy refreshments at the outside bar as well as behold the splendor of Ha Long Bay at night. All of this contributes to making your stay genuinely unforgettable.

The 5-star Stellar of the Seas in Ha Long Bay

The cruise has 22 big rooms with balconies and is well outfitted. There are five storeys in total. The wine cellar and a bedroom system for over 50 crew members are arranged in the basement. The hotel rooms, restaurants, one golf course, swimming pools, and other amenities are located on the first, second, third, and fourth floors, respectively.

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Luxury restaurants 

The restaurant, which has 60 indoor and outdoor seats, is located on the third deck. The restaurant is decorated in a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, ensuring that guests have a wonderful experience. You can dine on delectable cuisine prepared by a team of expert chefs. Alternatively, you can also can choose a breakfast buffet, a set lunch menu, or a poolside BBQ dinner.

Luxury restaurant on Stellar of the Seas (source: Stellar of the Seas)

Panorama bar 

Stellar of the Seas has a separate bar located outside the restaurant area which specializes in serving wines and spirits. Enjoy beautiful moments with exquisite drinks, colorful cocktails in the fresh air, coastal vistas, and seasonal swimming pools at this location.

Panorama bar on the cruise (source: Stellar of the Seas)

Spa and massage

One of the attractions at Stellar of the Seas is the massage and spa treatments. Here, you will be pampered with various beauty treatments, and massage services will restore your body and mind to their most immaculate form, leaving you entirely calm and stress-free. In addition, the spa offers cosmetic services to customers in need, guaranteeing that you always look your best throughout your stay.

Mini-golf course

Được cân nhắc dựa trên độ dài của hành trình và nhu cầu của khách hàng, sân golf mini nằm phía mũi tàu tầng 2 với thảm cỏ nhân tạo đi kèm 3 lỗ gôn riêng hứa hẹn sẽ đem lại những giây phút giải tỏa nhẹ nhàng cho những du khách ưa thích loại hình giải trí tinh tế này.

The mini golf course, positioned in the bow of the 2nd floor, features artificial grass and three private golf holes. This facility is seen as a good fit for the length of the journey and the needs of the passengers who enjoy this type of refined entertainment.

You can play mini-golf during your stay(source: Stellar of the Seas)

Seasonal pools

The seasonal swimming pool on the yacht is 50m2 in size and is placed on the third floor. This is an excellent option for travelers who appreciate “pool parties” or simply the experience of bathing in the water while taking in the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, the area around the pool is furnished with sun loungers, so instead of returning to the sundeck after swimming, you can chill out and enjoy the beauty of the bay.

Seasonal swimming pool (source: Stellar of the Seas)

22 magnificent suites

  • Junior Suites with private balconies have a total size of 28m22. Located on the first deck, with huge transparent glass windows and a private terrace to enjoy the morning and afternoon sun.
  • Senior Suites of 30m2 with private glass balcony. Located on the second deck with big windows and a big private balcony.
  • Executive Suites (business room): the total area is 32m2. All-glazed, panoramic windows provide the best views of the bay from your bed, which is located on the second deck with its own private sun patio.
Executive Room
  • President Suites: The space is 60 square meters. Located on the third floor, with floor to ceiling windows providing panoramic views. The room is the most luxury on the yacht, with the most luxurious furniture, the greatest area, and the most lavish furnishings.
President Suites (source: Stellar of the Seas)

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Stellar of the Seas | ATASTAY
One of the most luxury cruise ship in Lan Ha Bay, Stellar of the Seas will be an unforgettable travel and staycation experience for all of us.

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