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QUIZ: What Type Of Holiday You Should Book Next

Feb 22, 2021·3 min read

With more time on your hands than ever before to plan your holiday, it can seem difficult to know where to begin when choosing your first taste of post-lockdown freedom.

Fortunately, our carefully curated hotel types will help narrow the selection process down – simply select an answer from a-f in the questions below, count up the number of each letter and start browsing hotels in the following category, simple? Let’s start!

1. Your favourite way to relax at home is…

a) Building an indoor cinema for a movie night

b) Lounging in the garden by the pool

c) Online shopping (It is therapeutic!)

d) Snuggling up with my pet by the fire with a book

e) Having a long hot bubble bath with a glass of wine

f) Pouring a large glass of wine (or two…or three..No judgements) with the view of the city

2. During the lockdown, which of these have you missed the most?

a) Skiing

b) Swimming

c) Visiting museums and galleries

d) Going for a picnic by the beach or at the park

e) Going to the spa and have a massage

f) Eating out at restaurants with friends

3. When going on holiday, which of these is a must-pack?

a) A waterproof jacket

b) A book

c) A map and a well-planned itinerary

d) A camera!

e) Skincare essentials

f) Snacks

4. Which of these destinations would you most like to visit?

a) Morocco

b) Maldives

c) New York

d) Switzerland

e) Bali

f) New Zealand

5. What kind of souvenir are you most likely to bring home?

a) Memories/photos/videos

b) Sea Shells, pearls

c) Wall art, home decors

d) Organic produce from a local farm shop

e) The hotel dressing gown and slippers (with permission, of course!)

f) Sweets & snacks (you can never have too many…)

6. Which of these accommodation types appeals to you the most?

a) A chalet in the mountains

b) An over-water beach bungalow

c) A modern townhouse

d) An old country mansion

e) An eco-lodge accomodation

f) A villa surrounded by vineyards 

7. How do you like to see the sights on holiday?

a) on a cable car

b) On a lake-riverboat 

c) Walking

d) Camel or a horse ride

e) ATV

f) Bicycle

8. You’ve just checked-in to your hotel. Which of these would you like as a welcome drink?

a) Hot chocolate

b) Piña colada

c) Wellness drink

d) A cup of tea

e) Fruit smoothie

f) Some champagne

Mostly A: Activity & Adventure

For an adrenaline rush combined with luxury, these hotels are made for the modern-day explorer.

Mostly B: Beach Resort Holiday

Sun-seekers will find the perfect stretch of sand at these beach resorts and private island hideaways.

Mostly C: City Break

Our city-centre hotels will put a world of culture at your feet.

Mostly D&F: Country Escape

From grand estates to cosy cabins, these luxury country boltholes and pet-friendly hotels are a breath of fresh air for you.

Mostly E: Wellness Retreat

Balance body and mind at our sumptuous spa resorts, where you’ll find the space to truly unwind.


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