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Staycation at The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali | Luxury Staycation In Bali

Oct 27, 2021·4 min read

The ANVAYA Beach Resort – Bali is a beach resort that has 5-star luxury standards.

Nestled in the best location of the tourist destination of Kuta, this luxury hotel has a charming atmosphere and its own beach with a wide expanse of sand.

If you choose The Anvaya Beach Resort – Bali as a place to rest while in Bali, this hotel will offer an unforgettable Balinese holiday experience.

This luxury hotel also has various facilities for recreation and relaxing or to see the unique Balinese architecture that contains historical-artistic values from the Bali Aga era, Balinese Hinduism, to modern Bali today.

This architectural concept makes the name “ANVAYA” which has the meaning of a meaningful relationship of various elements that are related to bringing a meaning of its own.


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The ANVAYA Beach Resort – Bali is one of the hidden paradises on the Island of the Gods which has 493 rooms, suites and villas.

Having a modern and luxurious design will certainly make you more comfortable when you have this luxury hotel as your resting place while on vacation in Bali.


The ANVAYA Beach Resort – Bali also offers a variety of flavours of Balinese and Indonesian cuisine and also combines a touch of culture & history in the typical International dishes of Santika Indonesia Hotels and Resorts. 

Kunyit Restaurant

Kunyit Restaurant is ready to entertain you to enjoy traditional Nusantara dishes and you will be taken to a delicious dining experience with Balinese and Indonesian specialities.

The entire staff will serve you with warmth and friendliness combined with an interactive cooking process by a reliable and professional chef.

This restaurant is also ready to welcome you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

By having a capacity of 352 people, of course, you don’t have to worry about the place that has been provided for you to enjoy the best dishes from this luxury hotel.

Sands & Wine Cellar

If you need a different atmosphere, The Anvaya Beach Resort – Bali still has other restaurant options that you can enjoy.

Sands & Wine Cellar will provide a place for you with direct views overlooking the vast Indian Ocean.

Unlike Kunyit Restaurant, Sands and Wine Cellar has fusion menus that combine the concept of modern Balinese cuisine with the delicious taste of Mediterranean and Californian specialities.

This restaurant feels even more special because it has a wine cellar room that is full of wine collections from Europe and other parts of the world.

The capacity of this restaurant can accommodate 306 people to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.


The ANVAYA Beach Resort – Bali offers various facilities with classy luxury standards.

Various types of activities, facilities, and recreational services including eight swimming pools and a fitness centre.

Starting from walking along the beautiful Kuta beach or enjoying various sports.

You can play beach volleyball, football or water polo which you can play all day to pass the time with a sport that is certainly very fun

For those of you who want to focus on exercising, various tools have been provided for you to exercise in the fitness centre that has been provided.

The ANVAYA Kids Club

Maybe this is one of the concerns for every parent when considering taking the children on vacation together.

However, when choosing The ANVAYA Beach Resort – Bali has very friendly facilities for children to still be able to play.

So you can still relax by enjoying moments of togetherness with your family quietly.

Sekanti Spa

If you start to feel tired, you can choose to feel the comfort of Sekanti Spa.

Sekanti comes from the Sanskrit language which means “the sparkle of a girl’s beauty”.

You can take advantage of this facility to relax accompanied by the sound of the waves that make you deeper into deep serenity.

You can find all the excitement above when you choose to stay at The ANVAYA Beach Resort – Bali.

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