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The 1st ATASTAY 11.11 Singles Day Giveaway (ID/SG/TH/VN)

AllNov 3, 2020·1 min read

In conjunction with 11.11 Singles’ Day annual global sale, ATASTAY is holding our first 1111 ATAS points giveaway.

From 2 to 15 November, ATASTAY members who make a minimum checkout** of IDR600,000 / S$60 / 1200THB / 900,000VND, will get a bonus of 1111 ATAS points* worth IDR 111,100 / S$11.11 / 222THB / 166,650VND on top of their existing membership privileges.

**based on chosen currency at checkout page

Illustration (based on IDR):

For a GOLD member making a IDR 5,000,000 purchase on ATASTAY, the member will receive a total of 2611 ATAS points (worth IDR 261,100 / S$26.11 / 522THB / 391,650VND)

(GOLD member gets 3 ATAS point for every IDR 10,000 / S$1 / 20THB / 15,000VND spent)


Existing GOLD membership privileges: (IDR5,000,000/IDR10,000) x 3pts = 1500 ATAS points earned

Bonus 1111 Singles Day promotion: 1111 ATAS points

Total ATAS points earned: 1500pts + 1111pts = 2611 ATAS points 

*Existing ATASTAY membership terms and conditions applies

ATAS points are deposited into a member’s account after the member’s hotel/resort stay and hotel review completion.

Any user actions (cancellations/refunds etc) that affect the final amount transacted may render this promotion void.


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