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The best beach vacation guide to Morocco for summer 2021

Jun 7, 2021·3 min read

Morocco is a country of everything wonderful.

You can visit the dunes of Morocco, beautiful mountains or the amazing beaches in almost all cities of Morocco.

Plenty of tourists visit Morocco for its amazing weather in summer, tasty cuisines, and cheaper alternative to Europe. 

The beach life in Morocco is more than just the sun and the sea.

The hot and windy beaches that line the Atlantic Coast are praised for their surf, and with plentiful surf operators, this is a great place to learn.

Many of Morocco’s beach towns and resorts are within easy reach of some of the country’s most famous historical sights.

Down on the southern Atlantic Coast, you can make day trips into the Anti Atlas, while the central Atlantic Coast gives easy access to Marrakesh, so if you’re looking for a vacation that mixes a spot of sunbathing with cultural sightseeing, you’re also in luck.


Agadir is Morocco’s most famous beach resort town.

Many tourists especially European travellers looking for a relaxing, good price, family-friendly beach vacation have been going there for many years. 

Agadir is perfect for most kinds of holiday.

There are many activities to do there, the city has full facilities, with easy access to cafés and restaurants while on the san. Hotels that nestles on the beach also has private beach access.


Wind-free days in Essaouira are rare, so if you are looking to chill by the beach then this beach is not the place for you, however, there are plenty of watersports that you can do. ‘

Tourists mostly head here for windsurfing and kitesurfing, with several operators in Essaouira and Sidi Kaouki, 25 kilometres to the south, offering lesson packages for beginners well as equipment hire.

Legzira Beach

One of the most unique and beautiful beaches you’ll find anywhere, Legzira Beach is famous for its huge rock arch. There were originally two arches, but one collapsed in late 2016.

The second arch is at risk as the ocean continues to erode the red sandstone from which it is formed.

The arch is accessible at low tide, and it is quite an amazing sight to see.

Just remember that the tide does come in, so exercise caution going under the arch if you don’t want to get cut off.

The beauty and charm of this spot are in its remote location.

You won’t feel crowded on its golden sands; rather you will feel as though you have been transported out to a magical desert island.


Nestled on the Atlantic Coast between Al Jadida and Casablanca, Oualidia is a cosy little fishing town, famous for its seafood and in particular, its oysters.

This small village was off the map for many years due to its somewhat isolated location.

Today many people both Moroccan and tourists enjoy visiting year-round, but especially in summer due to the beautiful oceanfront.

The first “royal beach” came to be in Oualidia in the 1940s when King Mohamed V built a palace and dubbed it so. It’s long been abandoned but many people, especially of the elite class followed the king’s lead.

Moulay Bousselham

Though inundated by holidaymakers in high summer, the small town of Moulay Bousselham is marvellously tranquil for the rest of the year.

The sweeping beach, with its golden sand, is one of the most attractive on the North Atlantic coast, although its strong currents and crashing waves can be dangerous.

The protected lagoon is one of the country’s most important bird habitats, attracting bird watchers from across the globe. If you have a car, it’s a great place to chill for a few days.


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