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Vietnam Red And White Sand Dunes That Is Worth Visiting

Apr 13, 2021·2 min read

Usually, when you imagine sand dunes, you would think of countries like Dubai, Morocco, Egypt and so on. Well, now you know you can spend your money on a much cheaper flight ticket to Vietnam to experience the desert. 

So where can we experience the desert in Vietnam? Mui Ne. 

It is a beautiful fishing village that has two sets of the enormous desert. Actually, the desert flows throughout the whole region. This is what makes Mui Ne the best place to visit when in Vietnam. 

(Đồi Cát Trắng) White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne 

The white sand dunes of Mui Ne

The White Dunes are the most popular attraction in Mui ne. It is just how you will imagine a desert to be — a vast expanse of natural, dry land. It is as though you are in the Saraha Desert.

For the best experience, try to visit just in time for sunrise. The morning rays sweep across the landscape, creating an impressive and stunning view. The sand is clear in the early hour and would welcome your footsteps on its smooth, fresh surface. Try to live in the moment when you are there — walk around, take plenty of photos and enjoy!

You can do several activities while bein there, like being on a quad bike, hot air balloon, tour all over 

You can also hire a quad bike on arrival at the dunes. During the day, this experience is great fun as the dunes offer extensive amounts of open space to let around and go crazy. However, avoid the temptation at sunrise as the quad bikes are an ambience-killer for those seeking a quiet sunrise. 

Also, don’t forget that they have another activity, which is the hot air balloon that can make your experience 1000 times more memorable!

(Đồi Hồng) The Red Sand Dunes 

The red sand dunes of Mui Ne

Once you’ve parked, you’ll find some people or children trying to get you to rent their sand boards for a few minutes so you can fall down a hill or two. It will cost a dollar for a few rides down, and if you have no idea how to use it, they will teach you how. They will also laugh hysterically when you fall, but that is all that life is about in Vietnam, being happy. 

How to get to the dunes 

It is mostly through tour groups as they are more experienced and will provide busses or car ride to the destination. These can be arranged by your hotel reception and can be really cheap. 

Be sure to check with your local guide or hotel for any updated information regarding the Covid-19 situation in Vietnam if you are keen to see the red & white sand dunes of Mui Ne. 

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