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TOP 5 Staycation Ideas In Singapore

Oct 29, 2020·4 min read

A Staycation is a great and convenient way to enjoy a holiday without all the trouble of overseas travelling, and what better time to go on one than this year.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much put a stop to everyone’s travel plans for the rest of 2020 and possibly for the coming year.

In September 2020, it was announced that every Singaporean aged 18 and above this year will receive $100 in digital vouchers, to spend on staycations, tickets to leisure attractions and local tours in an effort to revive our local tourism sector. 

To aid your search in the perfect location for a romantic holiday, Beach vacation or family holiday, ATASTAY provides the best list of hotels in Singapore for staycations and have a relaxing holiday within the comforts of your home country.

Amara Sanctuary Resort | A romantic Staycation

Amara Sanctuary Sentosa, A beautiful haven that is perfect for your weekend staycation and a great hotel for families.

If you are planning to recreate the feeling of going overseas, this hotel might be the one you’re looking for.

Perched on the edge of Sentosa Island, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa is technically overseas (Or let’s just pretend).

Pamper yourself with an amazing spa treatment and enjoy the sunsets from your own room. 

In Amara Sanctuary, you can be sure to be embraced by the luxury that blends organically with the natural surroundings and memories of Singapore.

Human connection is at the forefront of the experience with their Spa Retreats and mesmerizing views from your own room.

Enjoy your staycation while sipping onto their amazing cuisine that has ingredients made by herbs in their own garden.

Enjoy walking over to Singapore’s famous man-made beach, Sentosa or just stay put and enjoy their spa retreat that will leave you fresh to start another day.

Get the sense of ease and comfort at this exceedingly private gem.

You can book your stay at Amara Sanctuary Resort here

M Social Singapore | A modern getaway

M Social Singapore is the perfect Modern staycation for those who looks for a short break!

I’m sure you have heard about this hotel for its amazing Instagram-worthy rooms.

There is so much to see and do close to M Social Hotel that you will be spoilt for choice.

In the afternoon, visit the Roberston quay and Clark quay area, you can also see sites of the heritage history of Singapore along the way.

It is a few trains stops away from Raffles and go to the must-see touristy attractions.

Oh and don’t forget to watch out for the Merlion!

Being in M Social Singapore would be the best way to have your staycation in Singapore.

You can book your stay at M Social Singapore

The Warehouse Hotel | An Instagrammable staycation

The Warehouse Hotel is a unique hotel made for a unique staycation. It is a great place to go for your weekend romantic weekend getaway!

Among the bright lights and must-see sights of the city is The Warehouse Hotel.

Located in a building off Robertson Quay, The Warehouse Hotel’s origins extended far back to Singapore’s trading history, and original design details like the louvre windows, doors, mouldings and many more are carefully redecorated.

The Warehouse is an interesting place of its own, Singapore has modernized itself but some history shall remain.

To have your staycation at The Warehouse Hotel means that you will be able to enjoy the nearby tourist attractions and famous bars and restaurants.

You can book your stay at The Warehouse Hotel here

The Fullerton Hotel | Family-Friendly Vacation!

The Fullerton Hotel, Old but gold. This building is rich in history. Its view and rooms are spectacular and spacious. Perfect for you and your family for a family friend hotel getaway.

The Fullerton Hotel’s 399 rooms are elegantly decorated to exude a mix of modern luxury as well as the rich heritage that this architecture has to offer.

Anyone who has never been to The Fullerton Hotel should give the Marina Bay View Room a try.

Imagine waking up to the stunning Marina Bay waterfront and city skyline view on every day of your stay and honestly speaking, hardly any description will be able to do justice to the real experience you get from staying here.

The Fullerton Hotel is a perfect staycation spot for those who would like to be near to the heart of Singapore.

Their Marina Bay view room is the perfect room for those who love the city’s skyline.

You can book your stay at The Fullerton Hotel here

Beach Villas Sentosa | Kid’s Friendly

Beach Villas is a great place for kids to enjoy their staycations! Kids clubs are available,  kids pool, and many more! The adults can also enjoy their time in their underwater room.

Treat yourself to a tropical paradise at the beach villa.

A Four-star hotel located in the heart of Sentosa Island.

Avoid the busy city life and find peace and serenity at this A-list haven, while enjoying all-inclusive dining with daily a la carte breakfast, or indulge yourself with an ocean dining experience.

A few rooms in the Beach Villa features a private jacuzzi, view of the ocean directly from hotel rooms.

Travelling with kids?

This would be a perfect way to show the marine life to the little munchkins and you would be able to enjoy the many attractions that are nearby like the Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island and many more.

Beach villas are perfect for a family holiday.

Children would exceptionally enjoy the underwater theme room and the attractions near to it such as Adventure cove, Universal Studios Singapore and many more.

Beach Villas is the ideal place to have your staycation and the many activities you will be able to do.

You can book your stay at The Beach Villas here


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