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Ubud Bali – The Ultimate Guidance You Need to Know

BaliFeb 9, 2021·4 min read

Landed on the highlands of Bali, Ubud is an all-round destination not to miss when travelling the Bali.

With scenic of the most stunning views, lively art views, rich cultural atmosphere and countless lifestyle attractions there are no boundaries to the things you can do in this amazing town.

So here is the list of things you need to see when visiting Ubud.

Bali’s best aesthetics: Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace - Must not to be missed when travelling to Bali, especially UBUD.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock / https://theworldtravelguy.com

The beautiful range of rice terraces has become one of the most iconic displays of Bali.

Clear blue sky, tall palm trees, and lush tropical greeneries surrounding different levels of rice fields are surely a breathtaking view to see.

But Ubud’s rice terraces are more than just an Instagram-worthy view.

It is a display of an ancient Balinese Hindu belief organized by a local social unit called ‘subak’.

Tourists can also travel to the villages nearby to hear interesting local stories and witness the lifestyles of people who built and now maintain the glorious rice terraces.

The famous Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest, the best place to visit while in Bali
Photo Credit: Shutterstock / https://theworldtravelguy.com

Mainly popular as a calming, green forest with hundreds of monkeys wandering about.

Ubud Monkey Forest is more than just a natural attraction.

The land does offer a serene atmosphere, from the towering trees to traditional stone-carved statues.

Hop on a bicycle around Ubud

Cycle around Ubud to capture the best landscapes of Bali.

With tropical greeneries, blue skies and the tropical sun, it would be a shame to get around exclusively in an air-conditioned car only.

Cycling will not only set a more relaxed pace to immerse in the sublime nature atmosphere, but it will also be an enjoyable exercise to help burn some of that holiday weight.

From eating too much satay or Balinese grilled pork (Babi Guling).

You can rent a bicycle and figure your own route through the rice fields or sign up for an organized cycling tour in Ubud.

Traditional performances

Beautiful traditional performances in Bali are the most beautiful unique & cultural experience.

Known as Bali’s art and culture capital, Ubud is the ultimate place to enjoy various traditional performance.

From the famous Kecak fire dance to local youths practicing their gamelan in the town hall.

You can catch one of these performances anywhere, from the Royal Palace to restaurants and some could be in public places.

Learn traditional performances and crafts

It sure is fun to watch and shop traditional Balinese arts and crafts.

But it’s much more eye-opening to discover how to do or make those yourself.

Ubud has various workshops with enthusiastic locals who will show you how to perform a Balinese dance, make pottery, play the gamelan instruments.

All those things that have been interesting you ever since you got to the neighborhood.

Most also have one-day programs and special classes for kids.

Yoga & Wellness

Yoga & wellness in Bali are what makes Bali so popular nowadays, especially the many places you can visit for Yoga.

One way to embrace Ubud’s tranquil surroundings and the quirky vibe is to get on the yoga mat and hit some poses.

The cool air, warm sunshine, chirping of birds, and shady trees will surely craft a remarkable and unforgettable relaxed state of mind experience.

There are numerous reputable yoga studios in Ubud, many of which offer an all-round wellness revitalization.

Be adventurous with food 

Bali is not just a beautiful island with amazing beaches and islands, but they are also the best place to explore and be adventurous with food.

Raw food just happens to go well with the overall wellness and chill vibe of the neighbourhood.

You’ll be surprised to learn how these healthy dishes can taste so good, especially if you get your nutrition fix at the famed Living Food Lab, Sari Organik, or Earth Cafe.

Museum hopping

Bali, especially Ubud, with all its quirks and charms, has entertaining and inspired countless talented artists.

Cultural and spiritual landmarks

Cultural & Spiritual Landmarks are one of Bali's most iconic symbols.

Yes, plural. Ubud’s many palaces and temples attest to the neighbourhood’s significance and dynamics as a destination.

Ubud Royal Palace or Puri Saren Agung is easily one of the neighbourhood’s most highlighted landmarks.

With ornate carvings and a grand structure, it reverberates a truly regal feel but with a calming ambience amid lush, manicured gardens.

Shop the art markets

Walk by the streets of Bali and look through their items, you might find an interesting pick!

After Ubud’s talented artists and craftsmen finish their carved statues, paintings, clothing, or other hand-made goods, naturally.

They bring it to the place where passionate and enthusiast tourists hunt for some souvenirs to remember the trip by. And you won’t be disappointed.

We hope that these recommendations would make your adventure in Bali worthwhile and interesting. There is definitely many other Must Visit places in Bali that have not been mentioned, but these 10 recommendations are the most popular and not easy to miss!

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