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Why Book With ATASTAY?

Nov 6, 2020·2 min read

With the number of travellers and tourism increasing pre-covid situation, it has since decreased drastically.

While there are restrictions on travelling, there are also some ways to kick off the lockdown blues within your own country. 

In this situation, it is most important to make your journey easier, memorable and hassle-free, it is important to book through a proper, trusted channel.

It is also easier when there is a website that already has a special curated and selected hotels on its channel, like ATASTAY where we provide the best hotels possible for our members.

Its all fun and games planning for a trip until you have to book for it. Going through flight rates, booking hotels is a very chaotic job, 

Your decision will surely be made easy with the following points on why opting with ATASTAY will be so much better for you : 

  1. Luxury Hotels With The Best Price 

ATASTAY focus on ensuring that everybody gets a good experience during their stay in hotels.

In order to do this, we specifically curate and select not just luxury but unique hotels that guarantee satisfaction for everyone.

Not only ATASTAY has the best selections of hotels, it comes with the best price as well. 

  1. Trusted Hotels Handpicked By Travel Experts 

All of ATASTAY hotel selections have been carefully picked by undercover travel experts that have witnessed the wonders of the hotels.

There are standard and criteria to be met when choosing hotels for ATASTAY. 

  1. Local Support For You Everywhere 

The best part of ATASTAY is also the local support they have for all hotels destinations. 

  1. Book And Earn Rewards 

It is exactly how it sounds like. ATASTAY has a tier-system point for all members that book their stays.

But wait, it gets better, the more you book, the more points you will accumulate and gain discounts/vouchers etc. 

  1. Luxury Hotels in SouthEast Asia Trusted By Locals 

Not only it has been carefully selected and handpicked by Travel experts, but ATASTAY also seek approvals and reviews from locals to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the hotels, this way, it makes everyone feel assured and happy. 

  1. Luxury Vacations To Celebrate Life 

Everyone deserves to have a good break once in a while.

The best way to pamper yourself is to give yourself a few days off and focus on your well-being.

Detaching yourself from reality and taking care of yourself is a form of self-care, and it is important.

Hence, ATASTAY believes that with its specially curated selection of hotels, everyone gets to enjoy the feeling of being pampered and taken care and will leave feeling relaxed, happy and satisfied. 

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