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You Should Have A Staycation If You Live in Thailand

Nov 9, 2020·2 min read

If you live and work in Thailand, and you are paying for a condo down the road, so do you think you should spend good money to have a staycation within the country? ABSOLUTELY!

Holidays are all about a great relaxing getaway, haven’t you been wanting to travel since the lockdown?

Haven’t you always said “ I wish we can be somewhere else right now? “ 

So why staycation in Thailand?

The holiday starts now!

No need so much travel time, especially when travelling in your own country.

No more spending hours of your precious weekend in the car or flying, you will feel so much better and nice when you are relaxing by the pool less than 2 hours after leaving home. 

Choose a fabulous beach resort.

Many of Thailand’s beaches have hotels that are luxurious, unique and can be affordable at the same time.

ATASTAY definitely recommend wonderful staycations at Pattaya, Hua Hin or Rayong. 

Get a new perspective of your Country.

If you live in Bangkok and wants to be close to the beach for a relaxing staycation, we would recommend going to Hua Hin in one of these resorts :

Cape Nidhra

You can book your stay at Cape Nidhra here

Hua Hin Marriot Resort

You can book your stay at Hua Hin Marriot Resort here

V Villas Hua Hin

You can book your stay at V Villas Hua Hin here

Grab a bargain now, never in the history of hotels have rates been this affordable.

ATASTAY provide great price deals for a luxury resort. 

Go somewhere different.

If you are an expat in Thailand, try going to places that you will gather knowledge and experience on Thailand’s culture or just simply lay on the beach at one of their best beaches.

Or you can easily have the best of both worlds. 

By choosing to have a staycation in Thailand, you are doing an even greater cause, Supporting domestic tourism.

Your country needs your help, especially during times like this, it is the perfect time to discover many amazing places in your country. 

Get on ATASTAY mailing lists. You will be exposed to some of the best deals, promotions and daily updates on great places in Thailand easily. 

If you feel like you are unable to have a proper celebration because borders are still closed, you are wrong.

Whether it is your birthday or anniversary,  You can let the hotel know if you are celebrating anything, even if it is belated! Hotels love a celebration!

This way, you can be sure that you would still have the best memory on this special day.


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